Welcome to the Nomad Lodge in beautiful Olympos, Turkey.

Our goal is to offer you access to the magical charm that Olympos & Çıralı are known for... But with an extra touch of natural elegance, luxury, and chic.

We invite you to experience our concept by enjoying the ambiance of the pool, reading a book in the grand yurt, relaxing in your boho-chic room, watching the sunset during dinner, or gathering with friends around the bon fire.

Whether you're traveling as a single, couple, family, or tribe... Nomad Lodge has the perfect piece of paradise to provide what your mind and body are looking for.

Bespoke Design

Minimalistic Elegance

Choosing to work along with nature instead of against it, the unique designs and colors at the Nomad Lodge are inspired by natural, neutral, elegant, and artistic concepts.


Enjoy The Best Pool in Olympos!

At the heart of the Nomad Lodge you will find the swimming pool and sun bathing center.

Whether you want to take a dip in the salt water pool, read your book, work on your tan, enjoy a cocktail, or feel the vibes of the music... The Pool at Nomad Lodge is a wonderful place to enjoy . Here you realize that you are officially on vacation.


Olive Grove Restaurant

With culinary inspirations from around the world, our chefs have worked hard to develop a menu that is unique, delicious, healthy, and fun.

From Beef, Lamb, Seafood, and Salad, to Vegetarian Options and Turkish Style Breakfast. The Olive Grove at Nomad Lodge has wholesome creations waiting for you.


Gather Around The Fire

Whether you're talking about the sprit that burns inside the hearts of our fellow Nomads, or the bon fire that is lit every night in the center of Lodge, You can be sure that the fire never dies when you are staying with us here in Olympos.

Nomad Lodge is a wonderful place to visit for short or long stays. And, it's always cozy... Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. So grab that guitar and wine and come sit by the fire. I'll get the marshmellows and chocolate and meet you there.

Yazır, Kilise Yakası No. 171

07350 Kumluca/Antalya

+90 220.0802


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